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where I have been working for over 15 years as a Costume Designer for plays at the Vakhtangov Theatre,  Theatre of Roman Viktyuk, at Malaya Dramaticheskaya Truppa Theatre (MDT)

<-- 1994 Scenic costume design of brilliant star Lyudmila Maksakova in "I Don't Know You Anymore" (after Aldo De Benedetti's) at Vakhtangov Theater, Moscow. The play was staged by scandalous and internationally renowned theater director Roman Viktyuk. I had a wonderful opportunity to work with him. 
To work in theatre became my biggest dream since my student past. I pursued this aim since my early 20s starting with a stage play by legendary theater director Anatoly Efros in Taganka Theatre. But I struggled to combine my passion to theater and study so had to decide  to focus on my school. 
After graduation my first job was with  “At Nikitsky Gate” Theatre under the direction of Mark Rozovsky in Moscow. Later 15 years I have been working at Malaya Dramaticheskaya Truppa theatre  as a Costume Designer. My professional education is a MA in fashion design. So at the beginning I was trying hard to fit the qualities of theatre designer, later (to be more exact in 10 years))) when I almost gave up I started to create as I feel and knew of fashion. My stage director was such creative person that he begun to create a stage play for my costumes...... meanwhile the actors still can't forgive me my experiments and my designs is a focus point of our stories, jokes, and legends for the newcomers to the troupe.

Designing a stage costumes became my passion. Here I can use a big range of materials. Especially things that have interesting textures are very valuable on the stage because they grab the light, they hold the light, and they play with the light. You never know for sure what to expect when you see your costumes in design set and light. It is always a nice surprise!

When working on a new project flexibility is the key. Scripts can change daily. Characters and scenes may develop throughout the rehearsal process.  I have learned to never get attached to a certain design.  Ironically, the one costume you spend the most time and energy on will be the one that is cut by the time the show gets to opening night.

concerts & shows

Working with famous singer Larisa Dolina stage outfits for her anniversary concert at iconic Concert Hall “Rossiya”, 1996

1998, created the stage looks one of the Russian musician group distinguished by their use of classic music and sonic experimentation.


Russian musicians and singers are very scrupulous about they look and it is for reason. In fact fascinating stage clothes of Elvis, The Beatles, David Bowie were the noticeable part of their success. Their image was something they worked on and cultivated. Some bands might think that working on their stage image is something to worry about once they get famous, but building up an image in the minds of the fans early is a key of future success as well.


Bearing in mind the singer character and stage image I created the costumes for Larisa Dolina’s Anniversary Concert at State Central Concert Hall Rossiya, Moscow, Russia in 1996. 


Working as a Costume Designer for TV Series "Russes. From sunset to sunrise" 2012

2012 film production «Golden Key Entertainment»  TV Series "Russ. From sunset to sunrise". I am a dreadfully tired a Costume Director. Click on image below.

At the end of the movie I played a role of The Angel of Death and killed the major personage with a pleasure. 

Since 1979 I have been working as a Textile Designer. Now we have a design studio, where work designers with work experience in one of the oldest textile companies in Russia - “Trekhgornaya Manufacture”. We are steeped in cultural heritage and the old-Russian technique of textile design that features by freehand drawing with strong feel of brush lines whose elegance and intensity is rarely can be found in today's fast-fashion environment.
 At the same time, our textile designs have obtained the touch of the upcoming fashion trends that provides us our experience of contributing market research and analysis at Mpdclick (WGSN). 



Working as a Technical Designer at Ralph Lauren,

a Designer for Gustavo Arango,

Associate Designer for Bill Blass, Larry Levin and others

....and education

Passing my knowledge to young talents as a Dean at National Institute of Fashion, Moscow, Russia

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