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1985, This was my first ever plain air by oil paints in Zyryanovsk that located in the Rudnyi Altai. The Bukhtarma Dam is on the Irtysh a few kilometers downstream from the mouth of Bukhtarma. The lower course of the Bukhtarma has thus become of a bay of the reservoir produced by the dam. The water and mountains created a specific landscape which was characterized  by multiple colors, which change every five minutes during sunsets and sunrises. So it was a challenge to catch up with a Nature's pace.

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For ten years since my first experiments with oil paintings I didn't touch the oil paint tube and canvas. Moreover, I've never missed it and even didn't think that someday I'll start it over.

In 1995 I was forced to do so showing the drawing styles to my students. All students are the same - they are afraid of white paper and white canvas. Courage and inspiration are the very best thing they can learn from a master in face-to-face sessions. It is a very intimate knowledge of the energy transformation and control that came to us from Asian cultures and our European progenitors. Artists, warriors, shamans, and many others are familiar with this  technique of energy generation and its management. This is what we are loosing in distance education over internet now. 

Step by step I was involved to oil painting again and ended up in 1997 with a solo exhibition at ASTI gallery, which was located in three minutes of walk to the Moscow Kremlin.  

In 1998 I had immigrated to USA and didn't paint for another ten years.  

In 2008 I came back to Russia and worked as a Fashion Designer and later as a Dean of National Institute of Fashion. From time to time my friends called me to their studios to work together. In 2014 I began to paint and draw regularly. For nude paintings I had to organize my studio with about ten people coming each week. It helps me to fight my own laziness and  force me  to work consistently.


Also from April to November I work on plain air, I go to the old сity Serpukhov located on the big Russian river Oka. The story of my travel to Serpukhov you can see on the  other pages. Just press the button below.

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